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Other offices of Company Express Group

Company Express (UK) Limited has been providing corporate services since 1984 and can assist with the following requests:

• Submitting official business paperwork to the appropriate government bodies in the United Kingdom, European Union, or other jurisdictions.
• Obtaining official recognition or authentication of documents through either Apostille or Embassy legalization in various countries, including the UK, EU and other jurisdictions.
• Corporate compliance, legal filings, or other statutory representation services.
• Convenient service of receiving and promptly delivering legal documents on behalf of our clients.
• Сomprehensive support in the preparation and submission of annual reports for companies operating within the United Kingdom, European Union and other applicable jurisdictions.
• Submitting regulatory documents to various regulatory bodies across multiple countries.
• Preparation and submission of VAT reports and assisting clients with VAT registration in UK and some other jurisdictions
• Support with financial statement preparation and submission.
• Notarisation and apostillisation of company documents and connecting companies with professional corporate accountants

Please contact our UK office with any questions.